Mon - Sun 9AM to 6PM Quick Support

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We will do everything humanly possible to resolve your issue within 24 to 48 hours. However in some rare cases, the purchase of one of our remote PC support services does not guarantee a successful resolution will be found. If your issue is not able to be resolved via ‘remote connectivity’ we’ll refer you to one of our local partners for assistance.

Troubleshooting Timelines

We’re committed to the allotted troubleshooting timeliness advertised in each of our support packages as follows

  • Tier 1 Simple Troubleshooting: 30 Minutes
  • Tier 2 Simple Troubleshooting: 1 Hour
  • Tier 3 Simple Troubleshooting: 1.5 Hours

However, in some situations to solve your problem we may need more time. We will notify you if it’s necessary to exceed the timeframe included in your purchased package. After we receive your approval we’ll extend the session or reschedule for a different day and time to resolve your problem.

Single Issue Per Session

Help tickets are focused on resolving a single issue per session. If you have several issues to resolve, you will need to purchase a support package for each issue.